Canyon Valley School has been created to give all students an environment in which to achieve success.
Students are often motivated by the design of our programs which focus on completing three courses every nine weeks. Canyon Valley School is an alternative school in terms of time of day, block scheduling, and size, but not in expectation. Our students are held to the same expectations as every student in Gilbert with an increased emphasis on attendance, service learning, and our school-to-work program. We offer morning and day sessions in order to give students an option suitable to their particular needs. In addition, we have an on-site social worker and counselor who assist students with various needs, including individualized counseling, specified group counseling, and vocational and career counseling.

High School Mission Statement
Empower our students to develop positive aspects of themselves in order to succeed in life.
**Please Note**

In response to a request by the Governing Board, all High School Biology textbooks will be available for review by parents and community members from Monday, September 29th through Friday, October 17th. All textbooks will be kept at the reception desk of Building B at the District office and need to remain in that area while being reviewed. All reviewers will need to sign in when requesting to review the textbooks.
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