School Sessions Graphic

High School Morning Session:
7:15 am - 11:11 am (Mon-Fri)
7:15 am - 10:34 am  (On Early Release Wednesday)
High School Afternoon Session:
11:36 am - 3:32 pm (Mon-Fri)
11:35 am - 2:54 pm (On Early Release Wednesday)
*Open to all High School grade levels
*Transportation is provided for students who live within the GPS District
*Students take up to 3 classes per 9 week block (maximum of 6 credits per year); with each class equaling a 1/2 credit
 *School to Work Program offered for elective credit; 1/2 credit for every 90 hours documented (maximum 3 credits per year); pre-approved volunteer service may be used for work experiences.
High School Core/Elective Offerings:
Canyon Valley School offers classes in the academic areas of English, Math, Science,
Social Studies, and Computers
Core Classes: 
English I, English II, English III,  and English IV 
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II,  and Financial Applications for Life I 
Biology, Earth Science, and Ecology
World Studies, American History, Economics, and Government
21st Century Applications
Elective Classes: 
Sociology, Current Events, Criminal Justice, and Digital Photography I ($40.00 fee)

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